Saturday, May 21, 2011


josh bought me this for our anniversary, it was very unexpected. this is the first piece of “adult” or romantic jewelry i have ever received aside from my wedding set. 
i feel so girly right now. josh is wonderful. i just bought him a 3 volume set on the history of the crusades. the first anniversary is the paper anniversary after all. 
The tradition wherein certain gifts were given certain years originated in medieval germany. if a couple lived to be married 25 years they would receive a wreath of silver as a congratulations for their good fortune. then gold on their 50th. over time more gifts have been assigned to years.
1st year: Paper
2nd year: Cotton
3rd year: leather or glass
4th year: linen or silk
5th year: wood
6th year: iron
7th year: wool or copper
8th year: bronze
9th year: pottery
10th year: tin or aluminum
20th year: china
25th year: silver
30th year: pearl
35th year: coral or jade
40th year: ruby
45th year: sapphire
50th year: gold
55th year: emerald
there were more years, but far too many to list. there is a gift for every year. i guess next year i will get joshua some sort of clothing item. 

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