Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Normally, i would never really be bothered anyone's choice to partake in or avoid the consumption of meat or other by-products of animals. But recently I was at work where I was scoffed at for ordering a chicken sandwich. If you don't eat meat, that is just fine, I don't care. Judging me for the consumption of meat is a waste of both of our times. I am not going to get into some argument with you (and I know you are just waiting for me to argue with you so you can fight about your stance - and I know this is not true for all of them) But the fact is, your refusal of meat products is in and of it self a judgement on me for eating meat. Every time you eat the veggie burger while I eat my regular burger -with cheese- it's like a snide comment or eye roll. I'm not gonna make a big deal about it so why are you? And besides, it is nearly impossible to be entirely vegan, and here is why:
So, unless you plan to live in the woods and live off the land without any modern are not a true vegan.
This isn't meant to offend, more to inform and sort of vent. If you don't eat meat because it's a health issue or just a diet you are trying (like my friend Trey) that is fine and acceptable, if you think eating animals is wrong that is a whole other issue. I don't think you're awesome because you don't eat meant, I love animals too (I have the cutest cats ever), but I am also logical. I have seen animals killed and it does make me sad, but so do lots of thing. God didn't make chickens just so they could be adorable, he also made them yummy and full of protein and other vitamins our bodies need.
 Just taking ethics out of the equation we are left with whether or not it is entirely healthy to be vegan. When you first start eliminating things from your diet your body goes through a detox that is very good for it, I do it myself from time to time. But eventually your body will need to go back to eating meat and getting dairy. I mean a vegan diet is high in fiber, low fat, and full of all sorts of nutrients, it has it's benefits. The better idea would be to have a well-balanced diet.


  1. I am actually kind of disturbed by the imitation eggs, pasta, and cake mixes containing cow blood.

  2. Then don't look up why they started making CHOCOLATE MILK!