Tuesday, April 19, 2011


This is Owlbert. He is a character from a children's story I wrote for the children I used to nanny. I decided to write it all out and illustrate it. I am starting with the animal characters. The backstory for Owlbert is this:
          The main character, Henry, finds Owlbert when he is four-years-old. He has a broken wing after getting caught in a storm. Owlbert is a talking owl, by the way. Henry nurses him back to help and insists on calling him "Owlbert" because it is like Albert, but he is an owl. But Owlbert dislikes this name. Nearly each time he is called that or introduces himself to someone he explains that he is "Sir Archibald Kingsley of the Royal Defense League for the Fighting Owl Brigade as protection for the Queen." After his wing was fixed he had planned to return home, but he had grown attached to Henry and decided to stay. Plus his comrades never came looking for him so he assumed he would be more loved with Henry. He is sort of a big softy.
          If he was a human he would be a grumpy, old British man.  

Should I give him spectacles or a monocle? I am leaning more towards spectacles. 

This is just a basic idea or concept so far. I want my illustrations to be similar to those of older books, like Alice in Wonderland or Winnie the Pooh. You know what I mean. 

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